Hey. So. We have all been doing a lot of work lately, asking our elected officials to stand up and do the right thing … calling, emailing, writing letters, faxing, sending pizzas. Sometimes our elected officials act in their constituents best interests and in the interest of civil liberties and basic tenets of democracy. In these cases, it is a good practice to send along a thank you note, letting them know you appreciate their efforts and that you are keeping an eye on their good work.

SOMETIMES our elected officials fail everyone’s best interests. They vote against our environment, education, health care, civil liberties, and I dunno … basic human dignity. They also need to keep hearing from us, to know we are watching and that we are preparing for mid term elections.

So here it is … Valentine postcards for our elected officials! Thank you Valentines for politicians who are fighting the fight, Tsk Tsk Tsk Valentines for politicians who are not.


  1. Click on the zip file link above the image
  2. Print out on a paper of your choosing … card stock is recommended
  3. Cut apart on the guidelines
  4. On the front: color, glitter, embellish to your heart’s delight
  5. On the back: write a note to your elected official
  6. Addresses can be found here: (I would say also mail postcards to your local officials as the best change comes from the bottom up)
  7. Send me images of your creations, I wanna see! Email me at: OR tag me on Instagram: @corachacha
  8. Mail away!


JenCorace_Valentines.zipgood valentines

bad valentines