i am not going to go into how i completely flushed three hours away just now.  it’s just going to make you and me so irritated.

what’s not going to make us irritated is this great post about THE STEADFAST TIN SOLDIER over at design mom.  i like the internet because i can sneak around and listen in on what people are saying.  wait.  no.  i don’t like the internet, i LOVE the internet.  i like knowing how my work is getting out there and how anyone is feeling about it … good or not so good.

i especially like in the comments of this post that someone is excited that i worked with cynthia again … or should i say, she worked with me.  we worked together?  we worked together.

this book was a real dream come true.  and i am thinking about pulling together a post on the process sketches of the book.  either here or over at my tumblr page.  either way,  you will be able to find it, i’ll link the bejesus out of it.