the thing i said yesterday that i did today

Doppelgänger,  from Don't Play With Me, Machines With Magnets 2014

It’s a HolidayTimeMiracle!!!!  I’ve managed to update my portfolio site … including work from Telephone, images from my two recent solo shows, Within and Without and a few small pieces from a group show I took part in called Don’t Play With Me.

I am hoping, shortly, within a few days, to include process posts for I Hatched! and Telephone over on my Tumblr.  I’ve done it for The Steadfast Tin Soldier and I love connecting with like-minded folks who love to see the work behind the work.  I’m intending to make the next two more in-depth.

I am also including here the high resolution image of the Crafltand holiday card as a coloring page right here, right now.  Download it onto your computer … print it out … let me see what you create.  I’d really really love to see it.

cland color page464


Other than that … things to know is that Telephone is doing superfantastically well. It recently made BuzzFeed’s top 23 children’s books of 2014.  I’m so psyched to be part of this group of gorgeous books.  While I own a few I am hankering to get more of these into my library.

Okay … more soon.  I hope that we are all keeping our heads above holiday waters.


brief check in with more to come

cland color page464


Hello!  Hello!  It’s been sooooooooooooo long.  Too long, but I’ve been up to my eyeballs in stuff (stuff = finishing two back to back solo shows, going to openings for two back to back solo shows on opposite sides of the country, talking to just about 300 people about the things that I do at the Mazza Museum, ramping up Craftland for the holiday season, maintaining the ramping of the store for holiday season aaaaaand prepping projects for the new year).

I will be updating the portfolio site shortly … hopefully tomorrow … but until then, please enjoy the coloring page version of this year’s Craftland image.  You should be able to click on the image, drag the image onto yer desktop, print it out and color away!  I’d love love love to see the results.

xo … jen