letterpress … choo! choo!



so, in and amongst everything that is going on (finishing a book, middling a book, making work for group shows, working on super secret projects that should peek their head up sometime soon … … … [super exciting]) i managed to take a class on letterpress printing.  it was awesome!  AWESOME.

i am not entirely sure what purpose the letterpress process will play in my life … i have friends that are certainly more gifted and faster and on point than me, who could make projects happen for me … but i am excited to figure that out.

i really enjoy typesetting and i really love working in old image blocks with new type.  i imagine that prints will make their way into my shop.  super prints!  in the meantime, i offer my letterpress doodles/sketches/bursts of productive inspiration.

looking to the near future, i will have work that will be a part of two group shows in Portland, OR.  More details to come.

happy week everyone!