shop update!

The Where, The What & The How: 75 Artists Illustrate the Wondrous Mysteries of the Universe, Beached Whales

hey!  guess what!  i made a print!

i chose the piece i did from The Where, The Why and The How:  75 Artists Illustrate Wondrous Mysteries of Science.  beached whales!  who DOESN’T want to hang them on their walls and think about the earth’s magnetic field and sonar technologies.

anyhow, you can find it over in the ye olde shoppe.

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have the best weekend!


tin soldier … making its way out into the world


i am not going to go into how i completely flushed three hours away just now.  it’s just going to make you and me so irritated.

what’s not going to make us irritated is this great post about THE STEADFAST TIN SOLDIER over at design mom.  i like the internet because i can sneak around and listen in on what people are saying.  wait.  no.  i don’t like the internet, i LOVE the internet.  i like knowing how my work is getting out there and how anyone is feeling about it … good or not so good.

i especially like in the comments of this post that someone is excited that i worked with cynthia again … or should i say, she worked with me.  we worked together?  we worked together.

this book was a real dream come true.  and i am thinking about pulling together a post on the process sketches of the book.  either here or over at my tumblr page.  either way,  you will be able to find it, i’ll link the bejesus out of it.


snail mail, corace-style

card fan

small shop update!  there are sets of postcards available over at my online shoppe.  there are five designs per pack, $12 per pack (+ shipping).  hang ‘em up all over yer walls or send them along to friends … or enemies.  no judgement!

also, sometime soon … i am thinking maybe in a week or two.  three? there will be a brand new item in the shop that i am super excited about.  and then there are ideas coming in after that that are just as exciting.

baby steps.

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getting all the pieces in place

breaking waves

something to know about me … i am on facebook, often.  it’s where i get to catch up with folks and friends i either see a lot and can’t communicate enough with or don’t see much at all but i love to touch base with them.  and oddly enough, i consider it a quiet corner of the internet for me.

as an illustrator, i love to touch base and connect with people i may not know but like what i do.  i love to hear from folks whose lives i’ve managed to visually wiggle my way into.  and up until now i thought that i was out there, interwebs-wise, as jen corace, illustrator, what with the flickr and the tumblr and the twittr (HA! internet spelling joke).  but no facebook … not as an illustrator.

i’ve solved that.  here.  i’m even more available.  i’m excited.  i hope you are as well.

(psst … the image above is a sneak peek to one of three pieces that will be in the upcoming group show, Wider Than a Postcard.)

keep in the know

speedy delivery


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i promise not to overwhelm your inbox.  i mean, honestly, i am bad at keeping on top of emails and don’t even ask me about my phone skills. (i hate the phone)  i will, however, keep you up to date on shows and new items in the shop.

man, a store AND an email list all up in one week … after i prep my tax papers tonight i’m gonna need two manhattans.