spring cleaning! la la la laaa…

in an effort to make room in my flat files i’m letting some older work leave the nest.  i love these pieces but they’ve been hunkering down in the dark for so long and not getting the attention they deserve.

they’re over in the shop!  take a peek.

the time has come

i’ve finally opened shop!

it feels good.  it feels a little crazy.  i feel like there is a learning curve coming on.  ah life.

anyhow, things to know:  i ship USPS priority mail and only within the US.  you know, baby steps.  if it seems like folks outside this country wants some, then i can start looking into that.

anyhow … onto exciting new frontiers.

office help

someone needs to invent an easy chair-esque drawing stool.  i’m far too high off the ground for this guy’s comfort.

it’s coming … it’s nearly here!

this saturday at GR2! los angeles! if you are west side, go! if you are east side, we wish we could all be there! if you’re in the middle … well, it’s up to you.

i’m excited and honored to be a part of this show.  i originally showed with deth at sixspace (RIP) in 2004 … met him a few years later and we’ve been intermittent internet friends ever since.  hellen jo … she is balls to the walls, THE BEST.  i own one of her pieces, it is small but mighty.  one day i will own more.  MORE.  and gosha levochkin is new to me and i’m all the more excited to know more about him.

a preview of my work on hand can be seen here.  it’s a gateway to bigger, other, newer, future things…