everything old is new again

very rarely do i do prints.  generally, they can only be found through tiny showcase or when i have a show a few select images will be made into limited edition prints.  there are a lot of reasons for this, reasons that i could go into now but i’ve got things to do and places to be.

so, in the meantime, if you were itching for a print, you can find one … ONEover here as part of the portland mercury’s annual charity auction.  this year’s proceeds benefit the Childrens Healing Art Project (CHAP), a non profit organization that benefits children in crisis and their families through art.  you don’t even have to bid on my piece!  there are twenty four other amazing pieces available from twenty four equally amazing artists.

give and get, that’s what i say!

baby steps

it’s been a long time since i’ve done any gallery show.  so.  so.  long.  but now i’m a part of two group shows between now and april.

first, sneak peek above, is giant robot’s 8th post-it show.  eighth!  i think i have participated in two to date … having wanted to submit to more, but never having the time.  even for a three by three inch drawing.  so it goes.

there are about a bazillion artists in the show.  if you are in the los angeles area between the 8th and 16th you should check it out.  $25 gets you a post it.

something to know:  fluorescent red post-its are particularly difficult to scan relative to reality.

second, i’ll be participating in a four person group show in april with deth p. sun at giant robot.  that’s all i know.  when i know more, you’ll know more.

kisses, hugs.