birthday honors

over at apartment therapy is a piece on a mathilda-themed birthday party!  it is the best!

i’ve only ever internet-witnessed one other mathilda birthday party … it was also the best.  i am happy/overjoyed/heart-warmed to be a part of the birthday theme tradition.  i can remember having a snow white birthday, a winnie the pooh birthday, a hollie hobby birthday, a smurf birthday … and on and on and on.

speaking of apartment therapy … a blast from the past if you ever wondered how i was living in 2007.

itchy ow-y

in a few posts ago i mentioned that i had worked on my first animated piece ever.  it’s finally launched and live!

i want to thank hilary frank for the opportunity to work on this special piece and a big high five to my partner in work crime, joe posner, for an excellent, collaborative work experience.

seriously.  let’s all think about this.  i never work directly with anyone.  i figured that, like leonard ‘lenny’ kosnowski, i was a lone wolf who couldn’t work with others.  well, i’m learning all the time.

the two double yous and one h

it’s out and about!

some time ago i was asked by julia rothman to make a piece for “the where, the why and the how.” it’s a book that pairs seventy five scientists and seventy five illustrators in an attempt to explain the inexplainable and illustrate the un-illustrate-able of life, the world and everything at large.

i haven’t seen it yet.  i’ve only seen bits and peeps … but those bits and peeps are pretty darn exciting.  you can find it here!

definitely watch the book trailer above … it’s got the best music and you’re gonna wish all the drawings were animated.  (i know i do)