sticking the landing

here’s the thing … i’ve been owning 2012.  it feels good.

last week i finished and turned in work on a new book, ‘The Steadfast Tin Soldier’, rewritten by cynthia rylant.  i’m excited about it and hope that y’all are too once it’s out and about in the world.

then, i spent the weekend on the west coast with a gaggle of the most talented, funny, warm, amazing folks that i only get to see once a year.  it was a big time.  big and quiet.  i miss them.

THEN i took a red eye home and that was semi awful.  but i’m not one to complain.  it was what it was and i’m still here, waking up every day.  so there’s that.

but THEN i found myself getting involved, last minute … by definition, completely last minute, in an upcoming coloring book project titled “Outside The Lines” via perigree.  i took an old, never used drawing, fancied it up a bit and i just turned it in.  nuts!

now i’m off to sip a little bourbon and read a little young adult novel.  it was recommended to me by a friend who loveditloveditlovedit …. and i am almost convinced that she just wants me to cry all the time.