big, little, brother

so … it turns out that my brother/website programmer has been keeping a keen eye on my site and my (empty) promises to make weekly posts on this here blog.

and nobody likes excuses.

that being said … this summer has been coo coo for coco puffs … for all the right reasons.  and that is all i am going to say about it.  because nobody likes being in “that relationship.” you know what i’m talking about … the type of relationship that lazily leans on hindsight to make things in the present a-okay.

who cares?  right?

let’s be here now.  what i’ve been working on is nothing less than my 10th children’s book.  it’s taking its sweet time, but all that time is adding up to some very special outcomes.  beyond that i am also working on an animated piece with hillary frank and joe posner for the online blog/podcast ‘the longest shortest time.’  it’s my first foray in animation, thinking about my work moving and making images that work with moving.  it’s all been made a possible/amazing/engaging experience because of joe posner, his flexibility and all over enthusiasm.  seriously, we are quite a team.

other than that, i am keeping an eye on the ocean, wondering when i am going to find time to get some more swim time in.