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news update

So, I’ve spent most of my day prepping files and updating this here website just for you!  Okay … I did it a little bit for myself as well.  It’s the gift that gives both ways.  There’s artwork for I Hatched (I’ll post a sketch process over on my Tumblr soon), images from Lords and Ladies, and some new freelance, gallery and personal pieces.

I recently had a studio visit from The Crooked Cottage.  A pop-in!  If you have any curiosity about what my creative cave looks like take a hop over.  There are also several other studio visits you can check out.  Good, peeping Tom times.


Lords and Ladies

Lords and Ladies is a card game based on Edwardian societal rules where players attempt to build the legacy of an aristocratic family through smart marriages, having children, hiring servants while crushing rivals with gossip and betrayal.  Designed by Jason Corace, illustrated by myself and published by Gryphon Games, Lords and Ladies will be available this summer.

first landl image


second landlimage


hey ladies














smithsonian magazine

smithsonian magazine


show poster

show poster




Craftland, year round postcard


Craftland, holiday show postcards


Tiny Showcase, t-shirt design



Asset International, Bells and Whistles illustration


Real Simple Magazine, Family Issue


Real Simple Magazine, Body Language


Real Simple Magazine, Hypochondria


Real Magazine, spots for Hypochondria


American Baby Magazine


Mudpuppy, Flower Fairy playset


Mudpuppy, Princess puzzle


Harmonix, Guitar Hero 2 poster


The Portland Mercury, Arts Rodeo spots


Mayhar Drygoods, Website art


Art Star, postcard


Arts and Business, T-shirt design



Group Shows

Monkey Paw, from Don't Play with me, Machines With Magnets 2014

Monkey Paw, from Don’t Play with me, Machines With Magnets 2014

Doppelgänger,  from Don't Play With Me, Machines With Magnets 2014

Doppelgänger, from Don’t Play With Me, Machines With Magnets 2014

Bloody Mary, from Don't Play With Me, Machines With Magnets 2014

Bloody Mary, from Don’t Play With Me, Machines With Magnets 2014


Bog - Breeze Block Gallery, Buddy System

Bog – Breeze Block Gallery, Buddy System


Swamp Ladies - Breeze Block Gallery, Buddy System

Swamp Ladies – Breeze Block Gallery, Buddy System


Mire - Breeze Block Gallery, Buddy System

Mire – Breeze Block Gallery, Buddy System


A History of Tigers _ Giant Robot, Year of the Tiger show


What Comes Out at Night _ Machines With Magnets, Providence RI



Log _ Machine With Magnets, Providence RI


Ghost in the Graveyard _ We = Trouble, Tinyshowcase/Secret Robot Project, Brooklyn NY


Sunk _ Stairwell Gallery, Providence RI


Swimmers _ Crocodile Tears, Giant Robot, New York NY


Seaweed _ Free Parking, OK OK Gallery, Seattle WA


Through Me Through You _ Smitten, Giant Robot, New York NY


Paper planes _ Smitten, Giant Robot, New York NY


Garden _ Roots to Fruits, Together Gallery, Portland OR


Mental Energy, Divide _ Post It Show, Giant Robot


Schooner _ Flaunt, Junc Gallery, Los Angeles CA


Down, Down, Down _ Flaunt, Junc Gallery, Los Angeles CA


Growing Into a Respectable Lady _ Flaunt, Junc Gallery, Los Angeles CA





Odds + Ends


Sleepwalker - personal piece

Sleepwalker – personal piece



Anesthesia – Tiny Showcase


The Exquisite Book, Dawn 


The Where, The What & The How: 75 Artists Illustrate the Wondrous Mysteries of the Universe, Beached Whales


Girls Rock Rhode Island, Yoko Ono


Mahar Drygoods, letterpress prints



back from the dead

Child in Red Apron


And by “the dead” I mean the holidays.  For folks who may not know I help organize Craftland … a DIY, handmade gift store in Providence.  We start gearing up for December in August and then become completely in over our heads by December 24th.  It’s a mighty experience.  One that takes until the end of the January to feel fully recuperated.

I am alive and well.

Today I spent part of my day at the RISD Museum as a part of a program that records local designers and artists’ insights on assigned pieces in the museum’s collection.  The interesting part of this experience is that we were asked to not do any research on the work or the artist, but to give our first impressions … completely fresh, unrehearsed and spontaneous.  It was a great half hour talking about the above painting, “Child In A Red Apron.”  At some point in the future all the recordings will be up online at the RISD Museum site … I’ll let you all know when that goes live.

Last week, on the 23rd, my most recent book, I Hatched by Jill Esbaum, was released.  It’s out on bookshelves now.  And the week before that I turned in the work for my next book, Telephone with Mac Barnett.  They are both exciting books about birds.  Different kinds of birds.  Different kinds of excitement.

I have two solo shows this year … in the summer … dates soon soon soon.

For the holidays I got you all proper capitalization in my posts.  Yay!  Okay, that’s all I have for now … but I will be posting more often now that we are ankle deep in the new year.


time out, time in

happy house


kickstarter kicked my ass a little bit.  in an awesome way but also in the way where operating two different social media identities and creating content for the web is tiring.  soooo tiring.  but, like i said, awesome as well.  but i had to take an internet time out.

the campaign wrapped up wonderfully.  we made the Foreign Affairs expansion deck.  we made new internet friends.  and now the gears are cranking to finish the game art and move everything, including rewards, into production.

in the world of new news … ornaments that i designed for Crate & Barrel are now available.  i cannot express how excited i am to have done work for the ol C&B and to have that work be ornaments.  two of my favorite things coming together.

quirky house ornaments

there are two sets of ornaments … the house set seen above and then a set of six circular ornaments … and one individual, “happy house” ornament.  part of the proceeds raised by the sale of “happy house” will benefit Rebuilding Together, a non profit organization whose work help renovate and repair the homes of low income home owners.


there will be more things and more things and more things … but right now i need a sandwich.



the end is near

forbidden love 150

thirty seven hours from now our Kickstarter campaign for Lords and Ladies comes to an end.  it’s been a heck of a month … an amazing month of amazing supporters, new internet friends and a greater appreciation for anyone that has to socially network as more than one entity.

we are so close to funding our second stretch goal … the Foreign Affairs expansion deck … which will feature unique art for eight new, non-English suitors by a select group of artists:

grid smaller(left to right, top to bottom:  marci washington, evah fan, carson ellis, alec thibodeau, eleanor davis, vivienne strauss, cw roelle, matte stephens)

i am hoping that we reach this goal because i am so curious as to where these artists will take the game.  and if you are just coming across this project you can follow our progress at the Kickstarter page, the Lords and Ladies website, our Twitter feed, our Pinterest board and our Facebook page.

happy weekend and high fives y’all!